Amy Ben-Dov

Amy Ben-Dov immigrated to Israel from the US and has a background in informal education with more than 25 years of experience as a tour guide and educator. Together with her husband Gadi, Amy created a travel consultancy in Israel that specializes in creating unique, authentic and off-the-beaten-path experiences. They are based along with their two children (and rambunctious dog) in Modiin, Israel. With the current pause in travel, Amy is bringing her love of Israel right into your living room using new technologies.

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Anat Harrel

Although Anat was born in Israel, she lived most of her childhood abroad in Tanzania, and Peru. After graduating from the American High School in Lima, she returned to Israel to complete her military service. Anat moved her family to Israel 10 years ago, and combined her favorite subjects (history, archaeology, Jewish pluralism, world religions and cultures, geography, and languages) into a successful career in tour guiding. Anat lives on Kibbutz Hannaton, in the Lower Galilee. She shares her intense love of Israel by teaching about the complex history and the multi-faceted, multicultural aspects of this fabulous land.


Erez Strasburg

Fusing his 25 years of professional hospitality, educational and tourism experience with his love for people and Israeli culture, Erez Strasburg is the backbone of the Milestones experience. Adored for his quirky personality and admired for his passion, Erez notes the purpose of Milestone’s is to “find the connection between our guests and Israel.” Expertly customizing his tours to suit each guest’s needs, requests and passions, Erez is well known as one of Israel’s most flexible and creative tour designers. By bringing the concept of a ‘personal touch’ to Israeli tourism, he has succeeded in changing the way guests experience the holy land.

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Harry Rubenstein

Harry Rubenstein is a pastry chef, storyteller, culinary guide, an Israel market obsessive, and a self-proclaimed expert on Jewish baked goods - sweet and savory.

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Ami Braun

Ami was born in the US and made Aliyah to Israel as a child. He started as a local guide in Jerusalem and later spread his guiding wings through the width & breadth of Israel. With over 20 years of guiding experience, Ami is a master storyteller who seamlessly guides his way through Israel's fascinating history. Ami is married and lives in Jerusalem.


Jeremy Collins

Jeremy was born and raised in Liverpool, UK, and moved to Israel in 2007 after graduating college with a degree in Middle Eastern History. He is passionate about Jerusalem's history, her stories, her sights, and most of all her secrets. He lives with his wife and children just outside the city.


Gadi Ben-Dov

Gadi Ben-Dov was born in the US, raised in a kibbutz in the Galilee, and now lives in the center of Israel. Gadi became a licensed tour guide after finishing his IDF service as an officer and traveling the world. His love of the land, and especially the people of Israel have given him insights into this country that he shares with every visitor.

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Aliza Avshalom

Aliza Is a Guide and educator with close to 30 years' experience connecting all types of people to this amazing country. Aliza brings together all that Israel has to offer - history, nature, religious traditions, contemporary culture and the interplay of them all to enable a meaningful experience. A native of New Jersey, Aliza made aliya after high school and has degrees in Israel land studies and Rabbinic literature. She is now living the dream in the Galil with her husband and 4 children.

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Sharona Liman

My parents made Aliya, immigrated, from Philadelphia to Israel in 1963.I was born and raised here as a "sabra" a native Israeli. My family – parents, 3 siblings and myself – always liked travelling and nature. Camping and hiking are a good part of my best childhood memories. As a teenager I joined a youth hiking club which was based in the Judean Desert. The club belonged to the SPNI – Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. During our hikes we also learned about the geology, biology and history of the places we visited. I knew already back then, that this is what I wanted to do with my life – hike in nature and visit interesting sites and places. When released from IDF service, I went to study "Land of Israel Studies" and received a B.Ed in geography and my official Tour Guide certification from the Ministry of Tourism in 1995. I have been a tour guide ever since. I love my job, and I love my country. I named both my sons after mountains in Israel – Tavor (17), and Bental (14).

Josh Hartuv

Josh Hartuv

Josh Hartuv was born and raised in Canada and moved to Israel at 22 years old. He has been guiding in Israel since 2017, and virtually since the Covid outbreak began. His tours utilize the virtual aspect by exploring places difficult and sometimes impossible to go in person. The tours have creative themes and routes that tell a great story and provide a fun experience for all ages and knowledge backgrounds.


Dani Rotstein

Dani Rotstein is a film producer, history-teller, Rikud-aholic, and community organizer living in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Originally from New Jersey, he moved to the Majorca Island in 2014 where he learned of the taboo history of the Conversos or Chuetas native to the island. Since then, he has made it his life’s passion to continue exploring, uncovering, and sharing this interesting piece of little-known Jewish history. He believes that the revival of modern Jewish life in Spain can be a shining light to the rest of the world.


Tamar Linchevsky

I am Tamar, an expert tour guide educator and speaker. I love connecting cultures rituals and people. I am passionate about bringing the endless worlds of Israel to you. With 30 years of expertise, I invite you to join me on unique journeys diving into cultures and religions, identity issues, and spirituality. My online tours introduce you to people, ceremonies, and hidden places you usually don't encounter. I weave into my work storytelling, art, poetry, and text. When not guiding, I am raising my two kids and organic vegetables in the center of Israel.


Amit Musaei

Amit Musaei, Israeli tour guide and tour educator. Passionate about Israel's history, religions and culture. Amit leads group tours, private tours and educational tours all around Israel. Expertise in boutique tailor made tours and recently graduated the course for guiding evangelical Christian groups. Since the COVID-19 crisis in March 2020 Amit created online/virtual tours using Google street view, photo spheres, videos and more. Learn more about Israel and the Holy land by participating in Amit's online experiences.

Itamar Ben-David

Itamar Ben-David

Itamar Ben-David, has 14 years of experience as a tour guide in Israel. Itamar has guided thousands of tourists from all over the world in Israel in general and in Jerusalem in particular. Itamar's expertise is the Arab-Israeli conflict. He has a rich background in the field including as an Arabic-speaking officer. He is a graduate of the Department of Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University. Itamar is married to Meital, lives in Jerusalem, writes a travel book for Christian pilgrims to Israel, develops content for the tourism industry, and is a musician.


Stav Shahaf

Stav Shahaf is a born and raised Tel Avivian. She has been a licensed tour guide since 2014. Her curiosities about the land of Israel and the Jewish people have led to a BA in the land of Israel studies and a MA in American Jewish studies. Ever since starting to guide, her path led her to specialize in the history and the current affairs of her hometown - Tel Aviv.