LIVE TOUR - Casarea, Herod's Port City

Time of the tour

Wednesday December 3rd @ 8am EST / 7am CST

About the tour

Walk with Julia on a LIVE tour through the beautiful port city of Caesarea. We will visit the Roman theater, hippodrome, and port. From the days of King Herod and the height of the Roman city, and through its eventual destruction, David will show it all, in REAL TIME. Julia will visit the important sites and show you in real time what this city used to look like and the beautiful Mediterranean sea views.

We will tour this classical Roman city, beautifully situated on the Mediterranean beach, half way between Tel Aviv and Haifa, or rather between the ports of Jaffa and Dor.

King Herod’s Caesarea was the perfect example of a Roman city: there was a Theatre –(active to this day), an Amphitheatre, a Bathhouse, and above all – a Sea Port.

Caesarea offers the best combination of historical significance and perfect location right on the sea shore. We will see ruins, mosaics, a one of its kind inscription, ancient toilets and an aqueduct … we will be talking about Jews, Gentiles, Christians and Muslims, Crusaders and Mamluks – they all passed through this beautiful city, and left their mark here. 

See you in Caesarea!

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