A Christmas Virtual Tour from Bethlehem to Jerusalem

Time of the tour

Saturday January 9nd @ 2 pm EST / 8 pm Europe 


About the tour

A Christmas Story – A virtual tour
following in the footsteps of Jesus in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

With Gadi Ben Dov and Ramzi Sadi 

Saturday January 9th @ 2pm EST / 1 PM CST / 11am PST / 9 pm Israel / 8pm Europe / 7pm UK 

Join us as we celebrate this holiday season by bringing you to the places where it all happened! Our guide Ramzi from Bethlehem will takes in to the Church of the Nativity and down to the manger itself. We will see manger Square and the church where Christmas mass is broadcast around the world every year on Christmas Eve.

Continue on to Jerusalem’s old city to follow in HIS footsteps in Jerusalem as we retrace the Via Dolorosa also known as the stations of the cross and end up at the church of the holy sepulcher where Jesus is crucified buried and resurrected.

Celebrate Christmas in Jerusalem – Virtually, see Santa’s House in Jerusalem and the local decorations in cities around the Holy Land!

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