The Magic of the Old City of Jaffa

Time of the tour

Sunday January 17th @ 3pm EST / 10 pm Israel

About the tour

The Magic of Old City of Jaffa

With Amit Musai

On this Virtual Tour you will visit the old city of Jaffa.

The 4500 years old city will reveal its past stories with a glance to the future: The city of “Tel-Aviv Jaffa”.
The Tour will also include biblical references.
During this 1 hour journey, your tour guide explains the strategic importance of Jaffa and why it was important ancient empires to have a hold of it.

While walking through Jaffa’s parks and narrow alleys learn about St. Peter and the story of The healing of Tabitha (Acts 9:36–43). See how the vision at Simon the tanner’s home was the seed for Christianity as a worldwide religion.

Since part of old Jaffa is nowadays an artists colony, as we walk by the galleries and museums we will stop by the whale statue and hear Jonah & the fish (Jonah 1).
We will also see The port and wonder about Solomon bringing the Cedars of Lebanon (2 Chronicles 2:16) to build the Temple through Jaffa’s port, and how the same port was crucial to the young state of Israel’s main export(Join the tour to discover what it was!)

Views of Jaffa antique architecture will be shown and we will enjoy Jaffa’s artistic style.

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