Secrets of Jerusalem's Old City Markets

Time of the tour

 Sunday January 10th @ 3 p.m. Eastern USA / 9 pm Europe 

About the tour

The Secrets of Jerusalem’s Old City Markets

With Tamar Linchevsky

Join me on a fascinating journey into the depths of the Old City’s markets with its winding alleyways and the worlds that lie within. The people, the scents, the colors, the human interaction and achievements of the people of Jerusalem as a microcosm of the entire world. 

Plunge into the markets of the religious pilgrims and the local people , and explore the many customs and beliefs, that mix together only in Jerusalem

How can the Stations of the Cross and exquisite humus be locates at the exact same spot ? what are the connections between biblical foods and local Palestinian cuisine? How did the local markets and foods changes over the past 3000 years ? what does a 300 year old oven has to do with an ancient roman road ?

Come and take in the myriad of flavors, scents and colors.  Encounter unique foods and spices, gold and silver, fabrics, people and stories.  

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