Growing up Gadi - A Personal Kibbutz Experience

Time of the tour

Sunday November 1, @  3pm EST / 12 noon PST

About the tour

“Growing up Gadi” – A Personal Kibbutz Experience

With Gadi Ben Dov 

What’s a Kibbutz? How did it start and what were the reasons behind forming this special way of life that exists only in Israel? Are there still kibbutz’s around Israel today? 

Join me as I explore the beginnings of the Kibbutz movement through its changes and developments over time.  The Kibbutz of today is very different from the original and is moving in the urban areas or Israel. 

We will talk about different aspects of the Kibbutz such as budgeting, personal possessions, clothes, jobs, cars, children and education and much more. 

I will share my personal experiences such as the children’s houses, working on the kibbutz with the adults, Holidays and religion, members activities and more.

Special guest appearancemy mom will share the reasons and motivations that brought her to israel and the kibbutz and what she feels has changed over the years

Gadi Ben Dov will share his personal experiences growing up on a kibbutz in the North Israel near the border with Lebanon in the 1970 and 80’s while this border was active


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