Taking Bible stories on a tour :"Lech Lecha" Story of new beginnings

Time of the tour

Tuesday,  November 3rd, 1pm EST / 10am PST, 8pm ISRAEL , 7pm EUROPE 


About the tour

Taking Bible stories on a tour : “Lech Lecha” Story of new beginnings


Why would a 75 years old man start all over again in a different country?

what is so special about his hometown :  Harran?!

Why are there Holly Craps in a turkish town named Urfa?! and how is that connected to Abram ?

why are the trees of Oak and  Pistacia, so special and important for our biblical heroes?

What is the Geographical “Gluten free line” ? How is it connected to the story? 

The names of places mentioned in the bible and what do they look like today ? Are they still there today? 

How long does it take to walk to Egypt from Canaan? How does a 75 years old man cross the desert and make it safely to his destination? 

All this and more on this amazing out with Erez Strasburg

Join me on a walk through the land with Abram and Sarah 



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