Tel Dan and Banias - Nature, Beauty and History Combined

Time of the tour

Sunday November 8th, @ 1:30 pm EST, 12:30 pm CST, 11:30 am PST 

7:30 pm EUROPE TIME, 6:30 pm UK time

About the tour

What is the connection between a Golden Calf and a half-man-half-goat Demi-God?
What is the connection between The House of David and The Keys to Heaven?
And how important are arches to this story?

Along the main road from Damascus to Tyre, in the narrow bottle neck between
Mt. Hermon and the Jordan River, are the remains of two ancient cities – Dan
and Banias. They did not exist side by side. The later replaced the former. Each
in its time enjoyed the abundance of water coming from a source of the Jordan
River, and the strategic location on the road. Both Dan and Banias had a large
ritual compound, and were the sites of Biblical events.
Dan and Banias today are very popular nature reserves. Most Israelis visit here
to enjoy the nature: fresh running water streams, lots of greenery and shade.
Few take the side trail which leads to the archeological sites.
On our virtual tour we shall join the few.
After visiting the spring of Dan we will continue to the Tel – the archeological
mound – and reach the sanctuary, where it is believed the Golden Calve was
located. We will go through the Israelite gate, where The House of David
inscription was found, and continue to the Canaanite gate, which is the oldest
arch in the world.
Moving on to the Banias springs, we will visit Pan's cave, around which a holy
compound with several Greco-Roman temples was built. After a short walk
along the stream we will reach the Roman arched bridge – perhaps the true
place where Jesus gave Peter the keys to Heaven. And we will complete our tour
walking through the very impressive remains of Caesarea Philippi and the palace
of Agrippa II. Yes – passing some more arches on the way…

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